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June 19th, 2007 was the end of my almost 2 year ‘tenure’ at a company, WebLinc, that I regard quite highly as far as employers go. They are definitely the sort of people I could see working with for a long time, due to the atmosphere that exists in the office and of course the great Christmas bonuses. It's a great atmosphere to get things done, laid back yet intense when it needs to be.

However, leaving WebLinc, was probably the smartest choice I've ever made. Since leaving, I have been working at the University of Pennsylvania which has brought with it great benefits and a pay increase. The pay increase is nice, but the benefits are superb. Right now, I am taking a graduate level class in AI for free. In the Spring, I will take another class (or maybe 2), all in preperation for what hopefully will become phase II of my life plan.

Before I started at WebLinc, I was a graduate student at Temple University. I worked under Dr. Longin Jan Latecki in computer vision and robot mapping. It was interesting work and great experience, but unfortunately supporting classes felt worthless and I chose to take the experience and run. I didn't run far, but I often looked back. I wanted to be in academia. I wanted to be challenged. Now, I am on the path of going back. Being a part time student is great and I can't wait to start a new program, in a new place and do what I've wanted to do for so long, get my Ph.D..