Visual CV

Resumes/CVs are entirely too boring. They list off random acomplishments, and often times are altered to make the job candidate just a tad better than he/she actually is. The layouts of these documents add no interest to the terse verbiage. In other words, they just suck.

I'm out to change it. One unreadable resume at a time. The goal: Take my resume (over time, so there are some changes between visuals), and produce unreadable, but visually stimulating versions of it. Each visualization must say something that the original resume does not.

So Far...

Spiral Bound: Added October 17th, 2006
What it says: My enthusiasm expands outward and positively influences others.

Spiral Bound CV Thumbnail

Red Spikes: Added October 16, 2006
What it says: I am focused on the task at hand, but like to deviate a bit now and then so as to not get bored.

Red Spikes CV Thumbnail

Tux: Added Long Ago
The results of Tux are a bit out of date, but it's just for fun anyway.