Why the Leaf?

July 11 2007

You may have noticed that the orange square with the text “AP-GWOZ” is gone from the left side of the page design. Well, that's because I just completed a “redesign.” It's not a huge redesign by any means, and aside from changing the link colors and the background, the only other thing I've done is add text-shadow to the headers, so that headers "pop" off the screen a bit. You'll of course only notice this in Safari, since the other major browsers don't suport this standard.

So, why redesign? Why go from an orange block to a leaf, especially when many sites around the internet use leafs as a major part of their logo? It's an effort to show that while I might not always do the most green thing, I am aware of most of my shortcomings on this matter and am attempting to amend my ways as well attempting to reduce my carbon footprint. I urge you to do the same.

As it turns out, Dreamhost, who hosts this site, makes an effort to be green by purchasing “Renewable Energy Credits,” and doing whatever else it can to cut back on energy.