Newshoured and the Problem with News Online

April 2008

There's a problem on the Internet today that can't be stopped. This problem is the incessant advertising industry that has sprouted up online. It's necessary, certainly and pays the bills of many people, but it certainly can be annoying. Large Flash based banner ads, animated page turning effects—it's distracting and in many cases makes it impossible to read the article you went to read.

This happened to me a lot on news sites, and even more so on my local newspaper's site. I wanted a place to go where I could get an overview of what's going on and decide quickly if I should click through to read an article, or skip it. It's gotta be fast loading, unintrusive and usable. I wanted, and created Newshoured.

I've been labeling Newshoured as "Local News Without Fuss," and for the most part it's just that. Enter your zipcode (or if your IP address is in it'll take you there), or city and get back the latest news headlines from the most local newspapers to your locality. The entire US isn't represented (yet), but will be in the future. I'm also willing to add sources as people request them, if it's taking a bit longer to get through parts of the country.

I can't guarantee that costs of running the project won't exceed my budget, and may at some point have to do what I set out to avoid—advertise. However, I guarantee that if it comes down to that, it won't be intrusive and it definitely won't take anything away from your hopefully good experience.