About Andrew

I currently reside in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but no longer work for WebLinc. As of July 20th, 2007, I do however, work for the University of Pennsylvania's School of Medicine Information Services as a Programmer Analyst.

Within the realm of computers, I enjoy learning about programming languages, language processing, visualization strategies and networks, though I wouldn't say I'm an expert in any of those topics. I plan on entering into a Ph.D. program sometime in the future, studying some aspect of the vast realm of Computer Science.

I've been trying to get away from Python as my language of choice in favor of the more powerful Scheme— a LISP dialect. However, Python still accounts for more than half the code I have running in places, so I haven't abandoned it completely yet.

I can be contacted using the computed form of (string-append "web" "@" (list->string (reverse (string->list "zowgpa"))) "." "com")